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  • Worma Drench Farnham 250ml (I.A.H.)
  • I.A.H Worma Drench Farnham - Animalcare Supplies
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I.A.H Worma Drench Farnham

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Effective against all common worms, the active ingredient works faster and lasts longer than other BZ (benzimidazole) drenches and has a wide safety margin. For studs with large numbers of horses FARNAM® WORMA DRENCH comes in a convenient backpack.


  • White emulsion, relatively odourless and tasteless, being quite palatable when mixed in feeds.
  • OXFENDAZOLE 100g/Litre
  • FARNAM® WORMA DRENCH™ is effective against the following internal parasites:
  • Mature and immature redworm, bloodworm, large stongyles, kills tissue stages of  s.edentatus, large roundworm, pinworm, susceptible small strongyles and cyathostomes, mature stomach worms, migrating stages of s. vulgaris (55-88% activity) with corresponding reduction in arterial lesions.
  • Dairy and beef - small brown stomach worm (ostertagia ostertagi) including inhibitedfourth larval or hypobiotic stage, barber's pole worm, small intestinal worm, stomach hairworm, thin necked intestinal worm, hookworm, nodule worm, lungworm, and tapeworm.
  • Administer orally with accurate drenching equipment, disposable syringe, stomach tube, or by mixing thoroughly with feed.  Base dose on the heaviest animal in the herd.   Calculate bodyweight using scales or weighband.