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Virbac Cal-Plus with Biotin

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CAL-PLUS® WITH BIOTIN is a palatable supplement formulated to supply essential calcium, biotin, vitamin A and D to the diet of all horses.


As an aid in the prevention and treatment of deficiencies of biotin, calcium, vitamin A and D in the diets of racing, working, pleasure and stud horses.

An aid to the development of strong, resilient hooves and skeletal structure in all horses on deficient diets.


  • All horses on grain-based diets.
  • Foals and young horses.
  • Pregnant mares.
  • Horses fed on sub-tropical grasses and hays.
  • Horses with hoof problems, such as cracks, brittleness and separation of the white-line.


CAL-PLUS® WITH BIOTIN is to be mixed into the horse’s feed. Mix the recommended dosage well into the ration. One level scoopful contains 30 g of CAL-PLUS® WITH BIOTIN. The following recommended dose rates have been calculated to satisfy the calcium requirements based on common diets and activity:

Racing Horses (450 - 500kg):

  • Thoroughbreds: 60 - 90g/day
  • Standardbreds: 90 - 110g/day
  • Quarter Horses: 70 - 90g/day
  • Arabians: 60 - 75g/day

Performance Horses (450 - 500kg):

  • Endurance: 60 - 120g/day
  • Eventers: 60 - 105g/day
  • Showjumpers: 60g/day
  • Polo horses: 60 - 90g/day
  • Show/Dressage horses: 60g/day

Ponies (225 - 250kg):

  • 45 to 60g/day

Other horses (breeding, growing or old horses):

  • 1 x 30g scoopful per 200kg bodyweight.


  1. Horses in fast/hard work, or on high grain/bran diets should receive the higher recommended dosage.
  2. Horses that sweat heavily should receive the higher recommended dosage.

Pack size: 1.2kg / 5kg / 12.5kg