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Vetsense Flygon GOLD Insecticidal and Repellent Spray

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Flygon GOLD Controls and Repels susceptible Flies, Mosquitoes and other Nuisance Insects including House Fly, Stable Fly, Bush Fly, Bot Fly, Mosquitoes and Midges or Sandflies in horses. Aids in prevention of Queensland Itch.

  • Longer lasting.
  • Non-irritating.
  • Contains permethrin.
  • Natural Citronella Oil.
  • May protect for up to 2 weeks under ideal conditions.
  • Zone Control: Also apply to stables, floats and rugs.

Directions/Instructions for use: Brush the coat to remove excess dirt and dust before application. Apply to the coat using the spray nozzle or a cloth dampened with Vetsense Flygon GOLD, rubbing against the hair growth. Concentrate on areas such as the legs, shoulders, neck and facial area. Only light application is required. Do not wet skin or apply to point of dripping or exceed 60 mL per application.

For best results, reapply every other day or each time the horse is washed or exposed to heavy rain. Apply on a small area first as some animals may have sensitive skin. Avoid getting the spray in the animal’s eyes, nose, and mouth.

For animal housing, spray the inner walls thoroughly and any other place where flies and insects settle. Re-spray as necessary. Do not apply directly to food or food preparation areas.

Ingredients/ Construction:

5.0 g/L PERMETHRIN 25:75(cis:trans)

Also contains natural Citronella Oil.