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Vetsense Biotin Hoof Powder +

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$42.80 AUD

Ingredients/ Construction:

1.0g Biotin, 50.0g Methionine, 9.0g Zinc, 101.8g Phosphorus, 153.1g Calcium, 83.4g MSM.

Features & Benefits:

Biotin Hoof Powder+ is a hoof growth supplement for horses. The advanced formula targets hoof repair and development, with the added benefit of improving your horse’s hair & skin integrity.
  • Improves coat shine
  • Increased skin condition
  • Promotes growth of mane, tail, and coat
  • Improves overall hoof condition.

Directions/Instructions for use:

Biotin Hoof Powder+ is highly palatable and can be easily mixed into daily feed rations.


Ponies 225-450kg: 15g (1/2 scoop daily)

Horses 450-600kg: 30g daily (1 scoop)

Horses > 600kg: 60g daily (2 scoops)