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  • BCAA Complex Powder 2.5kg (Vetsense)
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Vetsense BCAA Complex Powder 2.5kg

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Ingredients/ Construction: Each 50g contains: I-Valine 9,500mg I-Leucine 7,000mg I-Isoleucine 3,500mg l-Carnitine 500mg Glutamine 750mg Vitamin B6 750mg Vitamin E 600i.u.

Features & Benefits: Assists with muscles’ need for extra BCAA allowing faster recovery by decreasing the severity of muscle cramping due to lactic acid build up in horses. The addition of vitamin E will also assist with protection of muscle tissue.

Directions/Instructions for use: Give with feed.

Dosage/Treatment: Intensive work: 100g (4 scoops) Maintenance: 50g (2 scoops)