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  • Kohnke's Own Troppo Salts 2kg
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Kohnke's Own

Kohnke's Own Troppo Salts

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Concentrated supplemet of mixed salts for horses under hot, humid or tropical conditions.

Contains all essential salts, glucose to assist sodium uptake, Vitamin E and C, but to ensure adequate sodium is provided, Troppo-Salts is supplemented scoop-for-scoop with ordinary plain salt - making it a much more economical salt mix to feed.

Pack Sizes: 2kg (traveling pack, or for ponies and miniatures)
                   15kg buckets.

Handy Hint: Add Troppo-Salts on a ‘scoop for scoop’ basis with plain, fine salt for a more economical way of meeting the needs for horses living and working under tropical conditions – it’s a real innovation to give your horses exactly what they need at all times.