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Ranvet Recovery-Aid Paste

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Ingredients/ Construction: Leucine 7175mg, Isoleucine 4332mg, Valine 4332mg, Sodium 2156mg, Chloride 6170mg, Magnesium 837mg, Potassium 2329mg, Vitamin B1 203.7mg, Vitamin B2 203.7mg, Vitamin B6 8.9mg, Folic Acid 44.3mg, Vitamin E 203.7mg.

Features & Benefits: Ranvet Recovery-Aid Paste supports the recovery process for horses in hard work, offered in a convenient paste for travelling. This formula does not contravene the rules of racing. 

  • Contains Branched chain amino acids.
  • High levels of B-Group vitamins and Folic acid.
  • Contains Vitamin E.
  • Contains buffering agents
Directions/Instructions for use:

Administer Recovery-Aid paste on or within the horse’s feed. Continue use of product whilst horse is in training and always ensure access to fresh clean drinking water after administering.


Each syringe of Recovery-Aid contains an 80mL dose.
HORSES 400kg and over: Moderate Work 40mL (Half syringe) | Heavy Work 80mL (Full syringe)
PONIES 400kg and under: 40mL (Half syringe)

Provide one full syringe following hard work, racing or competition.

Pack Sizes Available: Available in 80mL Syringe.