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  • Drench Gun 70mL (Ranvet)
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Ranvet Drench Gun 70mL

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Drenching Tool for Oral Supplements

FEATURES Precise dosage regulation. Sturdy, non-distorting, heavy duty plastic configuration. Silicone washer to prevent leakage. Transparent barrel to facilitate viewing of contents. Indelible graduations in relief.

BENEFITS Able to be completely dismantled for cleaning and/or disinfection. Enables trouble free and efficient cleaning of all segments. Withstands sterilising with boiling water.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE/CONTRAINDICATIONS Place contents desired for drenching into the barrel. Position the end of the nozzle to the back of the horse’s mouth over cheek and teeth and dispell contents ensuring the horse swallows.

PACK SIZE Ranvet’s Drench Gun is available in 70mL capacity, short nozzle diameter 10mm.  

*Not suitable for worming or administering small doses of liquid.