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  • Stress Paste (Poseidon Equine)
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Poseidon Equine

Poseidon Equine Stress Paste

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Stress Paste provides concentrated nutritional support for horses in times of acute stress. This includes competitions, strenuous work, transport, illness, long days competing, extreme heat and humidity and major disruptions to your horse’s normal routine. These changes can all place your horse under stress, which in turn increases the horse’s need for some nutrients and reduces its capacity to naturally produce others, as well as negatively affect gut health. Stress Paste has been designed to support normal gut health and function, feed the gut and its microbiome, support muscle cell hydration and aid in energy generation and recovery. It is important that when placed under stress, that a horse can maintain protective levels of antioxidants and maintain their appetite …. Stress Paste will assist with all of this.

It consists of:

-       Magnesium Hydroxide for acid buffering

-       B-vitamins for muscle energy and appetite

-       Our Digestive EQ Prebiotic for Gut Microbiome Support

-       Vitamin C and Natural Vitamin E for antioxidant protection

-       Natural Betaine for hydration and heat resilience

-       Threonine, glutamine, proline & serine for gut wall health

-       Magnesium and Vitamin B1 for Normal Nerve Function