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Hygain Pak Cell 5kg

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A blend of quality B-Group vitamins, essential amino acids and bio-chelated minerals for use in horses diets where additional supplementation of these nutrients is desired. Horses that may benefit from additional supplementation with HYGAIN® PAK-CELL®:
  • Heavily exercised horses
  • Horses recovering from strenuous exercise
  • Horses recovering from injury Horses recovering after antibiotic therapy
  • Horses fed an imbalanced diet
  • Older horses that have a reduced ability to produce and absorb essential vitamins and minerals

HYGAIN PAK CELL can be added directly to horses feed or dissolved in water and dosed orally. PAK-CELL can also be added to 60 grams of HYGAIN REGAIN for an effective saline and/or recovery drench. One heaped scoop = 20g

Dosage/Treatment: Initial Administration: 20g per day for 7 consecutive days. General use: 20g per day every 2-3 days or intense exercise days. Pre-race or Competition: 20g per day for 2-3 days prior. Recovery: 20g per day for 3 consecutive days.