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  • Ceva Mitachondral 100ml
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Ceva Mitachondral 100ml

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Amino acid combination to reduce pain perception and enhance muscle endurance.

Mitachondral supplements L-Carnitine plus endorphin precursors.
Use Mitachondral as a pre-event treatment after regular supplementation with L-Carnitine twice weekly.
Mitachondral supplies the amino acid L-Carnitine in the same manner as L-Carnitine injection and paste, but has the added amino acids Phenylalanine and Isoleucine.
Mitachondral is a combination of amino acids to reduce the perception of pain, enhance muscle endurance and delay lactic acid accumulation and muscle fatigue.
Phenylalanine is an essential amino acid which inhibits the breakdown of opiate-like substances in the brain called encephalins. Reduced breakdown of encephalins results in increased levels of endorphins in the brain.
Endorphins are released in response to pain, and act as natural pain killers to enable the body to cope with pain. Isoleucine is also involved in the production of endorphins. An increase in brain endorphin levels can help reduce pain perception.
L-Carnitine is essential for normal heart and skeletal muscle function. During hard exercise there is extensive loss of L-Carnitine, and this often cannot be replaced adequately from the diet alone. High levels of L-Carnitine are necessary, because L-Carnitine plays an essential role in muscle metabolism during exercise by forming the transport system which moves fatty acids into muscle cells for conversion into energy. L-Carnitine also inhibits the buildup of lactic
acid in muscles, which helps delay fatigue in hard working muscles.
Fatigue causes pain in muscles.
The level of L-Carnitine in muscles plays a major role in determining exercise capacity of muscle. L-Carnitine supplementation improves both sprint and endurance performance.
It increases endurance, as fat is the major energy source for endurance work. During sprinting L-Carnitine buffers lactic acid and delays fatigue. L-Carnitine supplementation increases maximum work output, and is of value especially in horses which are prone to fatigue and Tying Up. The added amino acids reduce the perception of pain which may follow
muscle fatigue and Tying Up.

L-Carnitine and amino acid supplement.

Horses: 15 - 25mL by intramuscular injection 2 times weekly or as directed.

Mitachondral may be used as a pre-event treatment after L-Carnitine has been used for regular twice weekly supplementation.