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Kohnke's Own

Kohnke's Own Fabby

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Ingredients/ Construction:

FABBY contains highly concentrated live probiotics (yeast and bacterial forms), multiple premium prebiotics, hindgut activating functional fibres, broad-spectrum mycotoxin binders and specific amino acids for the health of the entire gastro-intestinal tract, particularly the hindgut. A cold-press pelleted supplement.

Features & Benefits:

A multi-action digestive supplement for gastro-intestinal health and function in all horses with highly concentrated probiotics, specially selected prebiotics and hindgut activators.  FABBY helps optimise hindgut health for horses with scouring or feed sensitivities, hindgut acid imbalance, reduced digestive efficiency including condition loss or poor ‘doers’, lack of pasture access and all those needing a premium probiotic or digestive supplement.  FABBY is specially formulated with muliple hindgut-active nutrients to help maintain optimum gut microbiota, benefit starch and fibre digestion and naturally help reduce hindgut acidosis.

Directions/Instructions for use:

A pelleted supplement to mix into feed (wet or dry).  Features a double-ended scoop for easy dosage for horses and ponies.


For good digestive health in all horses, use 30 grams for a horse and 12 grams for a pony daily.  For horses with scouring, loose manure or digestive upset, higher supplementation rates may be given for 15 - 45 days, or as necessary.

Pack Sizes Available:

1kg (33 days supply at standard maintenance rate) 3.5kg (116 days supply at standard maintenance rate) 10kg (333 days supply at standard maintenance rate)