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  • CAL-Xtra 5kg (Kohnke's Own)
  • Kohnke's Own CAL-Xtra
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Kohnke's Own

Kohnke's Own CAL-Xtra

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Concentrated calcium supplement for horses grazing on oxalate pastures, as well as horses in training and growing horses. Contains a concentrated source of bone minerals, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium in an optimum ratio to correct low or inadequate levels in the diet.

Handy Hint Mix CAL-Xtra well into the hard feed once per day. To avoid the effects of reduced calcium uptake due to oxalate binding in horses grazing tropical grass/high oxalate pastures, the hard feed and any lucerne/legume hay should be provided in a bin or yard where practical, so as to avoid horses mixing oxalates from mouthfuls of pasture with supplemented calcium in the hard feed under paddock conditions.