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Kentucky Equine Research

KER EquiShure

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$60.90 AUD
Ingredients/ Construction:
Monoglycerides, Sodium Bicarbonate, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil.
Features & Benefits
Why use EquiShure?
  • Helps maintain normal digestive function and an optimal hindgut environment
  • Patented encapsulation technology allows for targeted delivery of sodium bicarbonate to the hindgut and prevents an effect on blood tCO2 levels
  • Stabilises and maintains normal hindgut pH to reduce the risk of hindgut acidosis and associated disorders.
  • May help improve digestive efficiency
When to use EquiShure:
  • Horses on moderate or high grain diets
  • Horses grazing on lush pasture
  • Horses with digestive upsets resulting in loose manure
  • Horses prone to recurrent mild colic Inappetence or picky eaters and poor doers or prone to weight loss
  • Horses with unexplainable behaviour problems
  • Horses under stress of training, travel or sales preparation
Directions/Instructions for use: Top–dress EquiShure on feed. 20 day supply* Dosage/Treatment: 60g/day*Pack Sizes Available Available in 1.25kg Bag & 7.2kg and 18kg Bucket