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  • Hawthorne Sole Pack Hoof Dressing 473ml
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Hawthorne Sole Pack Hoof Dressing 473ml with brush

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Hawthorne Products® Sole Pack® Medicated Hoof Dressing for horses helps relieve dry, hard, sore hooves while fighting bacterial and fungal infections.

Formulated with soothing natural ingredients, Sole Pack also helps treat white line disease and is extremely effective in maintaining the natural pliability of the hoof. It’s fast-acting and quick to penetrate.

This hoof packing has a unique ability to bring the hoof back to a natural state, making it helpful whether you’re faced with a hoof that is too soft or a hoof that is too hard.

In addition, packing your horse’s hooves a few days before trimming will help make the hooves pliable, which in turn will ease the trimming process.