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Ceva Green Amino Drench 300g

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Concentrated, highly available bioenergy, amino acids, vitamins and co-factors for performance horses.

 ACTIONS Concentrated source of amino acids and vitamins plus cofactors to supply an energy boost without excessive lactic acid build up before exercise and antioxidants to help recovery from exercise.

INDICATIONS Amino acid and vitamin supplement for horses. Sodium, potassium and magnesium are essential for cellular metabolism. Vitamin C and other antioxidants help reduce free radicals which are produced during exercise and which are toxic to cell membranes. B-vitamins are essential for energy metabolism and B-vitamins are used at an increased rate ruding exercise and stress. Replacing B-vitamins helps recovery from exercise. L-carnitine is essential for breaking down fat supply energy, actually being the molecule which transfers fat into the mitochondra (the energy furnace of the body). Fat is a significant energy source for both working muscles and the heart muscle during exercise. Utilising fat for energy spares muscle glycogen stores and helps reduce lactic acid. L-carnosine works with L-carnitine in assisting muscles to work more efficiently. L-carnosine is also essential for muscle maintenance and growth. L-carnosine is involved in muscle repair after strenuous exercise. Glycine stimulates glucose production by the liver to supply energy during exercise and is a source of D-methyl groups for use in carbohydrate metabolism. Glycine is a precursor for creatine which is involved in recycling ATP for energy supply. Glucose is an immediately available energy source. Maltodextrin is a complex carboydrate that is released more slowly for a prolonged energy source. Triglycerides, a readily available form of fat provides energy, which spares muscle glycogen and helps reduce lactic acid production.

DOSAGE & ADMINISTRATION Horses: Mix one sachet in 2 - 3 L of lukewarm water. Administer when recovery from stress or an energy boost is required. Administer approximately 12 hours prior to exercise or after exercise or stress. May add 50g to feed twice daily for three days prior to strenuous exercise.

Pack size: 300g resealable foil sachet HANDY HINT Any time a hard competition event is likely to stress a horse, Green Amino Powder helps to improve energy reserves and recovery rates.