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Ranvet Ferromax

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FerroMax with Folic acid is a palatable, sweet, oral iron supplement for use where dietary iron levels may be low, and where there are relative deficiencies during early growth stages in young dogs. With bitch’s milk being low in iron, and most cereal grain based diets low in folic acid, FerroMax is a beneficial feed supplement for pups, pregnant and lactating bitches, as well as for training and hard working greyhounds.

Active Constituents: Each litre provides; Each 3mL dose provides; Ferric ammonium citrate 12.5g/L 37.8mg Folic acid 265mg/L 0.8mg In a palatable, dark, sweet flavoured syrup for addition to feed

Directions For Use: Mix evenly into feed. Give 3mL once daily for the first 6 weeks of training, then 3mL every second day, or as recommended by a veterinarian Pack Sizes: 1L, 5L.

Withholding period: Ranvet FerroMax does not contravene the rules of racing in any jurisdiction and has no withholding period