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  • Feramo H with Chromium 2.5kg (Virbac)
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Virbac Feramo H with Chromium 2.5kg

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FERAMO-H with Chromium contains the same premium blend of vitamins, minerals and trace elements as Feramo-H, with the addition of the trace mineral Chromium.

Beneficial for:
- All performance horses
- Show preparation.
- Yearling sale preparation.
- Horses during post exercise recovery.
- Muscle development.
- Improving body condition.
- General health & vitality.

Why use Feramo-H with Chromium?
- Australia´s proven and trusted vitamin & mineral supplement for horses is now updated to include the latest in nutrition technology.
- It's the choice of Australian representative riders and leading trainers of both racing and pacing horses.

Each 56g dose contains the complete range of vitamins and minerals contained in traditional Feramo-H plus:
- Organic Chromium 5.0mg

FERAMO-H with CHROMIUM is available in 2.5kg and 15kg buckets.