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Diamond Frog Dressing

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Ingredients/ Construction:

Methydyne b, Isopropanol, Thiophanate-methyl.

Features & Benefits:

Diamond Frog Dressing is a gel formula that is run-free and reduces bacteria and fungi without harming the surrounding tissue and bonds of the hoof protein to form a barrier between thrush and healthy tissue.

  • Blue colour shows where the product has been applied.
  • Flexible tip applicator provides better placement of treatment.
  • Offers long lasting protection and promotes healthy tissue growth.
  • Safe to healthy tissue. No stinging or drying of the hoof.

      Directions/Instructions for use:

      Clean hooves prior to use. Apply daily to affected areas including white line area, lateral and central grooves, in hoof cracks and nail holes, under horseshoes and pads.


      Preventative use- Apply once or twice a week.