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  • Lyddy Crib Stop Spray Pack 500ml - Animalcare Supplies
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Lyddy Crib Stop Spray Pack 500ml

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Crib Stop prevents destructive chewing and biting habits of horses and dogs.   Instructions for Use
  • Apply Crib Stop over complete surface to be protected. For best results apply a second treatment. Frequency of application will depend upon animal's temperament, length of habit, climatic conditions and type of surface.
  • Capsicum Flavour
  • Bitters
  • Water
  • Eucalyptus
      Crib Stop can be applied to horse clothing, leg wraps, wood, tails and manes, bedding, tack and many more items.  For dogs and puppies to prevent bandage & wood chewing, eating bedding, lead chewing & chewing household objects. Safe, non toxic, stainless, odourless, washes out, will not cause horses to go off feed.