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  • Pro Dosa Boost Paste 80ml
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Pro Dosa Boost Paste 80ml

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  • Pro-Dosa BOOST is a comprehensive, balanced, bioavailable multi-nutrient paste formulated to replace essential nutrients lost in training, competition, transport or stress.
  • Originally developed as a pre-race product, Pro-Dosa BOOST is used throughout New Zealand, Australia, Asia and the Middle-East in racehorses (Thoroughbred, Standardbred and Arab), endurance horses, show jumpers, eventers and dressage horses after hard training, for competition and for travel.
  • Many horsemen and veterinarians use Pro-Dosa BOOST more frequently as needed in individuals that require greater nutrient supplementation to maintain normal health, appetite or metabolism.
  • Pro-Dosa BOOST is a cost effective, simple to use, less invasive alternative to traditional pre-race and recovery treatments which can be expensive and stressful for the horse. (Pro-Dosa BOOST replaces the administration of electrolytes by stomach tube along with various amino acid, vitamin, trace mineral and iron solutions normally given by injection.)
  • The body needs a full complement of nutrients in careful balance to achieve optimum health, performance and recovery. In fact, administration of individual nutrients may result in imbalances that actually impair their absorption and usefulness. With this in mind,
Pro-Dosa BOOST provides complete, balanced and bioavailable nutritional support
  • Vitamin C... an anti-oxidant, necessary for the absorption of iron from the gut
  • Iron, Folic acid, B vitamins, Cobald, Copper, and Amino acids... which play a role in red blood cell production
  • Amino acids... involved in growth, protein metabolism, and the release of metabolic hormones - insulin and growth hormone
  • Electrolytes... balanced for safety
  • B vitamins... needed in higher amounts in horses under stress, involved in energy production, nerve function, appetite, coat and skin condition
  • Vitamin B1, Tryptophan, Tyrosine, and Magnesium... nutrients involved in normal nerve function
  • No fat soluble vitamins that will bind with iron and prevent its absorption
  • No Selenium which can be toxic