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  • Austrazole 1lt
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  • Broad-spectrum anti-fungal treatment (fungi and yeasts)
  • Decontamination of fungal spores from animal’s environment and habitat
  • Treatment for ringworm on cats – an ‘off label use’
  • Easily applied as topical treatment as wash or spray
  • A leave on treatment – for hair and skin
  • A very effective treatment for Malassezia pachydermatis
  • Enilconazole is a synthetic antimycotic with potent antifungal actions against dermatophytes.
  • Dilute 1 part Austrazole topical fungicide in 50 parts of lukewarm water (to 20 mL of Austrazole topical fungicide add lukewarm water and make up to 1 Litre).
  • Make up the quantity of wash needed to treat the animal immediately.
  • Discard any remaining unused diluted wash after application. Remove crusts from skin and hair with a hard brush which has been soaked in the diluted Austrazole topical fungicide.
  • At the first treatment the animal should be sprayed or washed completely.
  • The skin lesions/infected and surrounding area should be washed using Austrazole topical fungicide 4 times, at 3 to 4 day intervals.
  • Wash using Austrazole topical fungicide at 3 to 4 day intervals.
  • It is important that the skin is thoroughly wet with the emulsion.
  • When applying the diluted emulsion brush the hair in the opposite direction to hair growth. Long haired dogs should be clipped.
  • New hair growth may be temporarily discoloured