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  • Humidimix 5kg - (Virbac)
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Virbac Humidimix

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Humidimix is an electrolyte supplement scientifically designed for horses that work over extended periods of time at a moderate speed or for those considered heavy sweaters.

What is Humidimx?

  • Scientifically formulated electrolyte for:
     - moderate work over longer periods of time
     - heavy sweaters
     - hot and humid conditions
  • High level of potassium, chloride and magnesium
  • Replaces essential electrolytes and does not contain fillers (eg. sugar, lactose or table salt)
  • Powder supplement that can be added to feed, given in water or as a pre-race drench
  • Encourages drinking

Why choose Humidimix?

  1. Humidimix is specifically designed for:
     - Daily electrolyte replacement
     - Heavy sweaters
     - Longer work / aerobic exercise
  2. Higher levels of potassium
  3. Higher levels of chloride
  4. Higher levels of magnesium
  5. Ideal balance of electrolytes for heavy sweaters
  6. No fillers
  7. Versatile dosage
  8. Encourages drinking

When to use Humidimix?
Electrolytes are salts that play an important role in maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance, kidney function and normal nerve and muscle activity in the body. every day electrolytes are lost from the body in large amounts through sweat.

A horse cools their body primarily by sweating. In many situations, the amount of sweat lost may be apparent due to evaporation. Horses may lose up to 10-15L of sweat per hour during exercise and continue to sweat during the cool down period. Heat, humidity and intense or prolonged exercise will all increase sweating.
Horses in training are unlikely to be able to replace these body salts from their feed alone, and extra supplementation in most cases is required.

If the electrolytes and fluid lost are not replaced the results are fatigue, muscle weakness, a decrease in the desire to drink and ultimately delayed recovery after strenuous exercise and reduced performance.

Recommended for use in

  • High performance horses doing moderate speed work over extended periods of time (eg. harness, racing, endurance, eventing, dressage, stock work).
  • Heavy sweaters
  • Horses working in hot and humid conditions
  • Horses prone to 'tying up'
  • Horses prove to 'Anhidrosis' (dry coat or non-sweating disease)

Humidimix will replace salts lost due to heavy sweating and will aid in the treatment of alkalosis and hypochloraemia (low chloride levels) in horses. It may also be used as supportive therapy in the treatment of dehydration if given with water.

Directions for Use

  • Ensure an adequate supply of clean drinking water is available when supplementing with electrolytes
  • Do not combine with other daily electrolyte supplements such as Stressalyte
  • May be beneficial to use in conjunction with Recharge or Neutradex

45g daily dose - provided as 22.5g in morning and 22.5g in evening feed.
Can be mixed in drinking water at a rate of 45g/25L water or given as a saline drench at 90g/4L water.
Increase dose as required to treat (hypochloraemia) alkalosis.